With children

Because this is a popular tourist region, you’ll find lots of things to do with children. Below, we list 10 of the best.
1. Branfere animal park
Le Guerno. Zoo and botanical gardens. Well worth visiting. Lots of animals roaming freely. Spectacular show with birds of prey. Fun climbing in netting suspended above the path. Recommended.

2. Parc de Prehistoire, Malansac
Marked trail with 30 life-sized scenes of people and dinosaurs from prehistoric times.

3. La Ferme du Monde, Carentoir
Small zoo with children’s farm and some play activities. Quite close and worth the visit with small children especially.Unknown

4. Aquarium, Vannes

5. Soft play; Cap Malo, Rennes

6. Miniature harbour, St Malo de Beignet
Hire a range of mini-boats. Also pedalos, playground and walks. Good for picnics also.

7. Camors Adventure Park 2-6
The guide says this is a perfect playground for the whole family. From the age of 2, kids can use all their imagination, while being watched by their parents as they go through the Elves Trail. For older kids, there is a children’s trail with a 90-minute discovery circuit with wooden bridges, ropes, nets, but also Tarzan creepers and aerial surfing …’

8. Le Petit Delire, Ploemel, near Carnac
Indoor and outdoor play activities for children.

9. Lizio
Insectarium; poete ferraillier (toys etc made from waste)

10. Plus:
Let’s not forget the obvious such as miles of safe beaches (e.g. Damgan), boating (Le Luc au Duc, Golfe de Morbihan), canoeing (Malestroit, Le Gacily) and so on.

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