Local Walks

We hope you’ll enjoy walking or cycling around the area. There are copies of a number of walks in the documents in the bureau. You can begin by walking across the valley, by way of Beaumont. We can also recommend:

1. St Laurent to Malestroit along the canal. 6 km each way. St Laurent to St Congard along the canal is 3km each way.

2. The Houssa waymarked walk: St Laurent – Beaumont –Landes des Houssa – la Riviere. Good because you can do this from the house.

3. A walk from the canal in Malestroit beyond the lock La Vee, returning on the voie verte. 7/8 kms

4. Vannes; walk from the quai along the canal and follow the coastal path to the Isle de Conleau. 8 kms return.

Unknown-15. Ploermel. Around the Lac au Duc to Loyal and back. 16 kms. Also, there’s a much smaller walk around the hydrangeas.

6. Paimpont; around the side of the lake towards the grotto and back. Also, around the lake at St Malo en Beignon. Neither is very long; 2/3kms perhaps.

7. Sentier des machines. A new walk from the neighbouring village of La Riviere. Not completed it all but the theme seems to be old farm machinery that’s placed strategically around the area. See details near the Manoir de Balanguerd.

8. Golfe de Morbihan: Arradon to Chappelle St Barbe, Tour Vincent, Pointe d’Arradon, Moulin de Pauder, Arradon.

9. Le Faouet, Circuit des Chappelles, 12 kms. A marked walk. Some drive from La Roche though. A day trip perhaps.

10. Penestin; coastal path of 20km.

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