400x300_mesquer beachThe nearest beach is probably Damgan which has a good, long, safe and sandy beach and is popular with local people rather than the British; this gives it a charm of its own but it does get very busy in the summer. Penvins and Billiers are also nice, with smaller rocky beaches. Beyond the river Vilaine (and giving you the chance to visit the charming La Roche Bernard) is Penestin which has miles of beaches and good walks around the Pointe du Halguen.

Some of the beaches around the Golfe du Morbihan, although further away, are just as quick to visit because of the roads; this includes places such as Arradon. Beyond Sarzeau, we also like the area around Port Navalo, Arzon and Port Crousty. Further afield are more popular resorts like Carnac. Well worth a visit if you fancy a longer drive is the Presque Isle de Quiberon. A recent discovery is La Trinite sur Mer. Quite busy but it’s got everything. River, sea, beaches, attractive bridge, nice shops, headland to walk around, bars and restaurants.

Don’t forget the beach at the Lac au Duc, Ploermel, which is less than half an hour away.

We’ve not yet explored the Golfe fully although the drive around the bay presents you with many different and intriguing glimpses of the gulf. If you’re keen on water sports, this is probably the place for you and you’ll know about it anyway. The Michelin guide says that it offers some of the most unusual scenery in Brittany. It has the most delicate light effects and its sunsets are unforgettable. A visit especially by boat is essential.

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